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Welcome to the Green Century Institute
Evolving sustainable communities through
education, events, and consulting support

Techne Verde - Global Shift Mapping Project
Launched by Green Century Institute as a fiscal project of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Techne Verde fosters the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) for sustainability. The Global Shift Mapping Project is profiling and connecting key technology assets and groups, campaigns, communities, organizations and resources. See for more information.

Green City Solutions on WISER Earth
Please join GCI's Green City Solutions group on where you will find (and hopefully contribute to) this nexus of current, expert information and resources on sustainable community development. Here you will also find individuals and groups who share a commitment to green cities! Contact Ben Berolzheimer for more information.

Wiser Earth - GCI

Consulting and Project Support
GCI offers a range of consulting services to private and commercial developers, civic entities, companies and NGOs.

Educational and Trade Events
Since 2002 GCI has produced small and large events bringing together leading experts and change makers in multi-disciplinary explorations of sustainable communities.


TED Talk: Designing the Control Panel for Spaceship Earth by Michael Gosney
The planet has bigger plans for ICT and the Internet than e-commerce, social media and surveillance.


Eco Evolution Radio
with Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution Radio with Michael Gosney


Green Century Institute was inspired by the work of Paolo Soleri and the Paradox Conferences held there in 1997, 1999 and 2001. Paradox co-producer Michael Gosney has served on the board of Arcosanti since 1995.



Since GCI’s Michael Gosney visited and participated in events at Auroville in January 2005, GCI has remained in contact with the innovative intentional community in Southern India, sharing information on the project’s sustainability initiatives. More Info


Cosanti Foundation

Wiser Earth

ECO City World Summit
Eco-City World Summit

Buckminster Fuller INstitute
Buckminster Fuller


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